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The Good Housekeeping SealEvaluated. Tested. Approved!

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RainPro Accepts Good Housekeeping Seal

Assessed by the Good Housekeeping Institute

RainPro Columbus went through lab tests and assessments given by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Good Housekeeping is a trusted name in this industry, they have evaluated thousands of products at the Research Institute to make sure products are performing as their manufacturers have intended. To be awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal, your device has to meet certain standards and we are proud to say we passed!

Good Housekeeping Warranty and Seal

Good Housekeeping Seal

Any product that has received the Good Housekeeping Seal comes with a limited warranty from Good Housekeeping. This means that if the product fails or is defective in any way within the first two years from the buy date and sold from an authorized dealer, Good Housekeeping will replace the product or refund the original price. This makes our customers feel really confident in their purchase of RainPro gutter system.

RainPro Put to the Test!

When evaluating RainPro, researchers at the Good Housekeeping institute assess how the product works. This includes durability tests, strength tests, and overall quality of the gutter system. RainPro’s gutters are made with the heaviest gauge aluminum out there, so they had no problem passing these evaluations. Our gutter system is all around thicker than the standard gutters and supported by durable internal hangers to help prevent your gutters from drooping or leaking. RainPro gutters have an enlarged downspout and water outlets so the rainwater can move away from your home before the gutters have a chance to fill up. Once you have selected our gutter system, you also get to pick the paint color that best complements your home. There are many great designer colors to choose from in our ScratchGuard paint finish. This paint will not chip, scratch, or peel and also comes with a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Make sure that you are protecting your home from rainwater damage with the RainPro gutter system. Protecting your home never looked so great! Add some modern new gutters after choosing a designer ScratchGuard paint color to complement your home! Contact us to set up an in-home consultation and be on your way to a new gutter system by RainPro of Columbus!


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