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Gutter Protection

RainPro of Columbus Leads the Gutter Industry

The RainPro gutter system meets all of the characteristics of a high-quality gutter system. Our exclusive system is only installed by professional installers that have years of experience installing RainPro products on homes in Columbus, Dayton and Mount Vernon. We take pride in our exceeding reputation as a leader in the gutter industry, which is a result of our superior product and support. We drive our “factory on wheels” operation to your home so that we can fit the gutters to your home perfectly. This ensures you know they will be installed to last for many winters to come. Best of all, our gutter system is reliable! RainPro gutters can move water at the capacity of a six-inch commercial gutter but has the appearance of a five-inch gutter. This means you can keep your home’s style and add rainwater protection. Contact us today to learn more about RainPro or to schedule your free, in-home estimate today!

You Get the Best with RainPro

While determining which gutter system to buy you face the common decision of choosing a five or six-inch gutter. The smaller five-inch gutter is appealing because a smaller gutter generally will draw less attention. The negative here with five-inch gutters is that they can cause serious damage to your home when they overflow with rainwater. Then on the other side you have large commercial six-inch gutters that are eyesores, but will help prevent your home from water damage. RainPro of Columbus makes your decision simple. With the RainPro gutter system, you have all the capabilities of a six-inch gutter but the appearance of a five-inch gutter! This is due to the extra wide outlets and downspouts helping run off water move quickly and efficiently.

Thicker Metal

RainPro Gutter System Factors

What makes our gutter system so dependable? RainPro gutters systems are made from heavy gauge aluminum which are 18.5% thicker than standard gutters. Our gutters are supported by heavy-duty internal hangers. These hangers are installed about every two feet to make sure your gutters will stay flush with your house. Unlike nails or spikes, to attach our gutters to your home, we only use screws. Screws are the best to use when installing gutters so that water does not leak in and destroy your fascia board.

The Key is in the Paint

Our RainPro gutters come with the exclusive ScratchGuard paint finish accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty. You can get our RainPro gutters that are guaranteed not to scratch, crack or peel in Columbus, Dayton and Mount Vernon. These gutters come in many colors that will look great with any home. With the ScratchGuard paint finish, you can certainly rest assured that your gutters will look great and be protecting your home! RainPro of Columbus is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal!

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